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Providing Innovative Solutions to Complex Engineering Problems

  • Our clients have a high standard of quality and excellence.
  • Our clients recognize the value of technology and product development.
  • Our clients are informal and friendly, but well organized and well managed.
  • Our clients pride themselves on product excellence and customer satisfaction.
  • Our clients have a strong desire to grow their business.

If you fit the above profile and you need to develop a new product, we can help.

We help companies that need engineering solutions.
Either their engineering department is overloaded, or they lack skills and expertise required for a particular project. Our clients range from individual inventors to Fortune 500 companies. While we provide engineering solutions for a wide range of engineered products and engineering processes, the companies we work with typically manufacture components or systems for air conditioning, refrigeration, humidification/dehumidification, or any other system involving cooling, heating or thermal management.

Startup companies often have a great idea or potential product, but they need engineering expertise to turn their idea into a viable commercial product. And they need it quickly. We help these companies with the technical and commercialization expertise they need. We have experience in the entire development process from concept to production.

Growing companies often find their engineering needs growing faster than their ability or willingness to internally grow their engineering department. We help these companies with immediate access to skilled, qualified engineering resources to supplement and partner with their own engineering department. From problem solving to new product development, we can help you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

All too often large companies have downsized their engineering operation as part of their overall cost cutting measures. Unfortunately, this usually leaves the engineering department overloaded with problem solving and product development. Research shows that engineering productivity plummets as multi-tasking increases. This inevitably leads to project delays, unhappy customers and ultimately reduced profitability. It is important for these companies to focus their engineering expertise on their core technology. We help these companies with problem solving, quality improvements, cost reductions and special projects requiring specialized expertise. This allows them to focus their precious internal resources on their core technology and product development. Keep your engineering resources focused where they are most valuable; let us help with all the other stuff.

Are your engineering resources overloaded?

Today many companies find themselves lacking the resources they need to meet the demands placed on engineering. This problem is common across a broad spectrum of companies. Small or start-up companies may never have had an engineering function, medium sized companies have outgrown their engineering resources and it's all too common that large companies have downsized their engineering departments to cut costs. Regardless of the size of your company, the result is the same, delayed problem resolution, disappointed customers, and delayed product development all of which results in reduced profitability.

Research proves that over commitment destroys productivity. As engineers work on more and more projects - multitasking, their productivity plummets.

The solution is simple, cut back on active projects or add engineering resources. Unfortunately, while the solution may be simple, for most companies it's not easy to cut back on the engineering workload. The problems are real. They must be solved. The projects are needed, they must go ahead. That leaves adding engineering resources as the most viable solution. Most companies only consider the permanent addition of internal resources, with all the difficulty and cost associated with permanent additions such as recruiting, hiring, training and the ongoing addition to salary and overhead. These companies overlook the opportunities afforded by outsourcing.

Outsourcing engineering projects offers a number of advantages. Outsourcing can speed up problem solving and product development, provide access to specialized expertise, add a fresh creative viewpoint, turn fixed costs into variable costs, remove assets from the balance sheet, and free up cash for investment. And best of all, companies retain complete control of how much or how little outsourced engineering is used, thus maintaining better control of your company's engineering expense.

Innovative Thermal Solutions improves the competitiveness of its customers by providing cost effective engineering solutions using a flexible network of industry experts and state-of-the-art facilities.

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